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For Sale - Se Vende
The Mine
The Staff
The Artists
The Jingle Mine
The Reason

Direcciones Para La Mina De Sal
Map Of Saltmine's location

phone: 507.232.6306
fax: 507.232.7451


  • Current Studio Rate : $30 an hour
  • Hours of operation are from 12 pm - 6 pm - Monday thru Friday
  • Saturday Recording Available at $40 per hour. Requires a reservation of the entire recording day from 10am-5pm (7hour block)
  • (evening hourly rate - after 6 pm $40)
  • Packages available for full length productions and demos
  • 20% cash advance is required to begin any work, cancelled upon receiving your Mastered product
  • Masters available on CD ROM
  • Contracts required to begin any studio work

CAD Equitec 200
CAD GXL 2200 
M-Audio Luna
Behringer B-2 Pro
Shure 57's, 58's, BG 5.1
Mixing Board
(Analog) Mackie CR1604 - VLZ 
Yamaha HS80M + Subwoofer 
Studio Software
Nuendo 4.2
Cubase 3
Propellerhead Reason 4.0
Wavelab 5
Adobe Audition 3.0
Fruity Loop Studio 8.0
Battery 3
Sound Card - Yamaha DSP Factory
2416 recording recorded to computer hard drive
Miscellaneous Processors
Behringer Composer MDX 2100
(dual ch compressor/limitor/gate)
Behringer De-noiser SNR 1000
Behringer Edison EX1
Digitech - 296 Spectral Enhancer
DBX - 242 Parametric Equalizer
BBE - Sound Maximizer
Pre - Amps
EVENT EMP1 pre-amp
Roland MMP-2 pre-amp simulator

Recording Booth
Cuarto De Grabacion

Sound Booth

Electrics & Bass Guitars

For your convenience - you may pay online using your credit card or transfer funds with your PAY PAL account. We also accept postal money orders and cash *W*.

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Kawai MR240 Digital Piano
Roland GW7 workstation
Proteus/1 XR Pop-Rock Module from EMU systems
Yamaha TG-300 tone generator
M Audio Trigger Fingers
Battery 3 drum samples
over 4 gig of samples
Yamaha (12 string acoustic flatop) 
Sigma by Martin Co. (6 string acoustical flat-top)
Martin 16RGT series (6 string  thin bodied electroacoustic)
Ovation Celebrity (electro-acoustic)
Ibanez Gio (electric)
Epiphone (electric)
Fender (Squire) Telecaster (electric) 
Yamaha BB300 (4 string bass)
Fernandes Gravity Deluxe (5 string bass)
LaniKai Ukes (Soprano - Concert)
Guitar Processor & FX Pedal
Boss GT6 guitar processor

Cuarto de Grabacion - mic
Vocal Booth - mic

Recording Booth
Mixer - Booth

Recording Booth
Cuartito de Grabacion